Hip Hop Culture in Tokyo
October 21, 2019

Back when I was a child, I remember how American Hip Hop culture influenced the young minds in my country when it came to music, fashion trends, movies, and even the way people spoke. It was a huge impact as our society continued to grow and develop. Even the dance styles are changing in a very innovative way.

When I left my home country, I never thought that I would ever encounter great hip hop scenes, especially in Japan, because of its strong ancient culture.

But one day, when I was walking around the busy streets of Shimokitazawa, the heart of Tokyo, I saw a group of people break-dancing and pop-locking in front of a huge graffiti wall. Being a newbie and very excited about it, I approached them and started conversing. I tried showing them my dance moves and we all became friends.

As I remember they took a photo of me in front of this wall (The picture above)

                     Shimokitazawa, 2012

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