Groove Master's Final Performance
March 25, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back after a  2 week break!

We started off by talking about the current situation of the coronavirus that is affecting everyone all over the world and the importance of proper hygiene, especially hand washing.


Next we discussed the proper way of stretching and why it is so important to stretch before we start dancing.


We just finished our final filming session of our routine and can’t wait to show you all how well the kids did. They worked on various skills in order to perfect this dance routine.We will have the video ready very soon.


We are so proud of our “Groove Master’s” class and would like to showcase our dance routine that we have been practicing so hard. This is the last time that we can perform it this term and that’s why we made sure to give it our all.

"Groove Master's"クラスを大変誇りに思い、このクラスの子ども達が一生懸命に練習しているダンスルーティンをご紹介したいとおもいます。今回が今学期中にこのダンスパフォーマンスを踊れる最後のチャンスだったため、今まで学んだ事の全てを出し切るように踊りました。

Thank you for your continuous support.


Cris Salazar

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