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What WE DO
Our goal is to give each child a solid grounding in the fundamentals of dance, while building coordination, strength, balance, a lifelong love of movement, and creative self- expression.
Kids Hip Hop Tokyo aim’s to make a great community of hip hop dancers all over tokyo and perform at various places, make new friends, boost self confidence, and stay fit at all times. Our lessons will be taught in english but everyone is welcome to participate in our multicultural class. Our staff are fully equipped and can speak both japanese and english. Please understand that  we will have to assess your children before we can determine if they are ready and capable of participating in this class.


DIRECTOR & LEAD Instructor Cris
Originally from the heart of the Philippines, Manila, Cris has  been living in Tokyo, Japan for over 7 years working as an International preschool teacher while teaching private hip hop lessons to children  and adults. In addition to that, she used to participate in Tokyo street dance battles and got a lot of inspiration on how Japanese hip hop dancers are very technical, and this is why she became very passionate about combining American and Japanese hip hop into her  dance style. She had frequent visits to the mainland and Participated in a Dance workshop in Sydney, Australia. where she fell in love with hip hop culture. Her great influences are  Michael Jackson and Chris Brown.

Growing up, she was surrounded by friends and family that were  inclined with American Hip hop culture and music. She  started loving hip hop from when she was around 4 years old when her mom discovered how well she could jive to the beat. During her secondary education, she was the captain of the cheerleading team. She also joined small competitions at some regional hip hop competitions during her college days.
Jerry is well known and trusted in the Bunkyo area. Not only does he run his own International school, Joy to the World American International School, for 20 years now. He also owns Aoyama International Daycare & Learning Center in Myogadani and Aoyama.

He was born on the magical island of Oahu Hawaii and started his business career at an early age, which made him become an ambitious individual with many interests in building businesses, taking part in many different projects and helping people to fulfill their dreams. Jerry’s company, Dream International Co. Ltd, is the front runner amongst Bunkyo’s International schools and recently opened a brand new branch in this area: Joy Studios

Joy Studios will be a place where Jerry can bring people together to create new and exciting classes for the young and old. The first program introduced is Kids Hip Hop Tokyo.

ジェリー ハネス

ジェリーはこの文京区エリアでの知名度が高く、また多くの皆様からの信頼を得ています。彼は現在、20年間に渡り自身のインターナショナルスクール"ジョイトゥザワールド アメリカンインターナショナルスクール”を運営しているだけでなく、茗荷谷と青山に”青山インターナショナルデイケア&ラーニングセンター”も所有しています。

マジカルアイランドであるハワイ州オアフ島の生まれで、若い頃からビジネスのキャリアをスタートさせました。その為、ビジネスの構築、様々なプロジェクトへの参加そしてまた人々の夢の現実に多くの関心を持つ野心的な面を持つ人間となりました。彼の会社であるDream International株式会社は文京区エリアでのインターナショナルスクールのトップランナーであり、同社はこの度このエリアで新支店を開設しました。

ジョイスタジオはジェリーが多くの人々を結びつけ、年配の方から次世代を担う若者たちまでもが新しく刺激的なクラスを作れる場所となります。その先駆けとしてまず最初に紹介されてプログラムはKids Hip Hop Tokyoです。